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      The Killer For The Zero Interval Of Belt Weigh Scale
      author:admin    Released:2014-11-05 17:28:43

      After using for a long time,the zero and spacing of belt weigh scale occurs in varying degrees of drift.And what are the impact of factors?Please continue to read the following content.


      一、the reasons for the spacing drift


      1、the belt tension of the conveyor changes


      2、the speed testing roller slides or the diameter of it changes


      3、the speed of the belt changes


      4、the weighing sensor of belt weigh scale overloads severely


      5、the fault of the components


      6、the serious distortion of the scale aircraft


      二、the reasons for the zero drift


      1、dusty and materials on the weighing bridge


      2、Stones or foreign objects stick within the weighing bridge


      3、the belt of the conveyor stick materials


      4、beacuse of the temperature characteristics of the materials, the belt of the conveyor elongates


      5、the weighing sensor of belt weigh scale overloads severely


      6、the fault of the components


      7、the serious distortion of the scale aircraft